About Réseau M

Réseau M is a community of interest dedicated to delivering mentorship solutions to entrepreneurs throughout Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, France and Luxembourg.

As a mentoring specialist, Réseau M provides entrepreneurs with high-calibre support and guidance from experienced business leaders to put them on the path to growth and success. By accelerating mentees’ development, Réseau M helps increase their business’s chances of survival and fosters growth at every stage, from startup to exit.

In Quebec, Réseau M is backed by the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship. It is officially recognized by the Government of Quebec and Canada as the largest mentoring network for entrepreneurs in Quebec, with branches throughout French-speaking countries.


To help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through mentoring.


To be a world-class authority in entrepreneur mentoring.

Core values

Entrepreneur-centric focus

Active listening

Free flow of ideas

Respect of the individual and adherence to mentoring ethics

Continuous improvement

Excellence in everything we do

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Regional Mentoring Councils and their Cells

Réseau M is led by a national council and regional councils, in collaboration with local representatives from various regions of Quebec. We favour an inclusive approach to all stakeholders impacted by entrepreneurship.

Regional mentorship councils are made up of mentors and a representative of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship (FDE), along with, in some cases, representatives of public- or private-sector organizations. The regional councils themselves are composed of representatives of local points of service and mentorship cells.

The national council has formed several subcommittees to explore various operational and developmental aspects of Réseau M. These subcommittees comprise a delegated official who sits on the national council, as well as mentors, coordinators and a team member of the FDE.