Impacts and Advantages of Being a Mentor

Mentoring for entrepreneurs at Réseau M means helping entrepreneurs evolve as individuals and helping develop their know-how as businesspeople. The positive impacts of mentoring are numerous. Aside from benefitting mentees, it also has a positive impact on their business.

Being a mentor helps foster the success of a local entrepreneur.

By sharing their experience and knowledge, the mentor offers the mentee a sympathetic ear, without judgment, to help them develop their entrepreneurial skills. The mentor also provides mentees with insights that will allow them to better evaluate different situations, make informed decisions and take the right action.

By concentrating on entrepreneurs instead of entrepreneurial ventures, mentors allow mentees to improve their business reflexes, gain a better understanding of their decision-making process, increase their confidence and clearly define their most basic needs and values. They provide the mentee with a toolbox that has the potential to propel their business or any other entrepreneurial project they are likely to launch and take their business to the next level.

As for personal satisfaction, mentors are extremely proud to “give back” and to contribute to the economic growth of their region.

Being a mentor gives you access to Réseau M’s quality continued training and networking activities.

There is no question that mentors possess an exceptional entrepreneurial background. Still, they must be capable of introspection and be able to listen and communicate to benefit other entrepreneurs. To enable them to offer high-quality support, Réseau M gives them access to the best tools to develop and improve themselves. These tools include accreditation, extensive training, co-development with peers, and access to best practices from hundreds of network mentors.

Réseau M offers many networking activities with its network stakeholders and the business community. The big Rendez-vous Réseau M, in particular, brings together several hundred participants, including renowned speakers.

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