Impacts and Advantages of Mentoring

Mentoring from Réseau M has had a very positive impact on entrepreneurs. It helps them develop their critical thinking, as well as their skills when it comes to negotiation, communication and problem-solving. Additionally, it promotes networking opportunities with all network and business community stakeholders, as well as many other positive impacts.

Mentoring doubles a company’s chances of survival.

No less than 70% of mentored SME owners survive their critical first five years of operation, which is twice the survival rate of unmentored entrepreneurs.[1] In business, most companies fail due to poor decision-making. Using a mentor allows mentees to benefit from the insights of an experienced businessperson. This allows them to assess the best options in order to make the right decisions.

Mentoring accelerates your development and contributes greatly to your company’s success.

The volunteer mentors of Réseau M have extremely rich entrepreneurial backgrounds. They use their experience to help entrepreneurs and mentees accelerate their personal development as well as their company growth by helping them avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Mentors challenge mentees to constantly reconsider their point of view and open up to new opportunities they might not have considered.

Mentoring helps you successfully transfer your company’s ownership to ensure its continuity.

Mentors help mentored entrepreneurs take a step back and detach themselves from their concerns to give them a different perspective on a given situation. They allow them to break their isolation, become their “business confidant” and help them get through difficult situations.

Member Privileges

Réseau M provides access to exclusive offers and discounts for its members. For more information, visit the Réseau M website and click on the Member Privileges section.

[1] Sources: “The UPS Store Makes ‘Mentoring Month’ Matter for Small Business Owners” (2014) and “Failing fast: why UK startup culture is missing its risk factor” (2013).