Mentoring: Supporting Human Potential

Entrepreneur mentoring is an open, supportive, one-on-one relationship rooted in mutual trust and respect. Mentorship is about focusing on the human being at the head of a company

Through this privileged relationship, the volunteer mentor supports an entrepreneur or a mentee by sharing their entrepreneurial experience and helping them benefit from their know-how. This relationship, known as a dyad, is strictly confidential and free from any conflict of interest or judgment.

At Réseau M, the practice of mentoring is governed by a code of ethics, a confidentiality agreement and a set of regulations. Furthermore, mentors must attend ongoing development workshops.

What is the purpose of mentoring?

Mentoring is for entrepreneurs of all business sectors who have already gone through the pre-start-up stage and who wish to learn, grow and develop throughout their careers. Mentors and mentees must be willing to engage in their mentoring relationship in a meaningful way.

Businesspeople from all industries can benefit from mentoring, regardless of their income, the nature of their business or their company’s current phase of development: start-up, consolidation, growth/export, takeover/transfer.

Mentoring is also accessible to managers of social economy enterprises.