Normand Lebel, Chief Mentor

Chaussures Pop des Îles, Cap-aux-Meules

Member of Réseau Mentorat since: May 2010

Normand Lebel has been in business since 1984. He owns Chaussures Pop des Îles and Tranquilo System Inc., which is a smart water damage prevention system. Constantly developing new projects, Normand serves on several committees, including the Club Richelieu and the board of directors of the CTMA transport co-op. Known for his ability to bring people together, Normand is a positive and generous leader.

He strives to put his exceptional listening skills to use by helping entrepreneurs develop professionally. He believes mentoring is a fantastic way of sharing his experiences and adapting them to the realities emerging entrepreneurs face today.

According to Normand Lebel, mentoring is, “helping a mentee develop knowledge and skills, and listening and helping them find their own answers.”

Normand’s areas of interest: helping entrepreneurs succeed.